By Amy Berrisford, People Coach (and Climate Change activist)  

Hi everyone. I’m Amy, and I am part of the People Transformation Hub and keen to talk about climate change with my fellow colleagues at the Co-op.  

I’ve been worried about climate change for some time. World temperatures are rising because of us, humans, and climate change now threatens every aspect of life as we know it today.  

I knew I had to play my part in tackling climate change in the way I live my life but I’m also really passionate about speaking up about it too.  

That’s why my first ‘Count Us In’ pledge has been speaking up about climate change.  

I’d already been talking to my team about how we can do more as individuals to take immediate action. But when I saw that Co-op had partnered with Count Us In, it made me even more committed to keep climate change alive in the conversations I have with my team.  

A few weeks ago I set up a meeting with my team to talk about what we can do and start to think about. I’m aware that most people struggle to know where to start so I decided to break the conversation down with three questions: 

  1. What change can you make right now? 
  1. What change can you think about making in the next year or so? 
  1. And what changes could you make in the longer term? 

The quick changes can be simple things like cutting down on food waste, committing to eating less meat or using public transport more often. Over the next year or so explore your energy efficiency or start to think about how you ‘green your finances’. Then the longer-term changes could be thinking about when your boiler at home gives up what are the greener replacement options such as getting a heat pump. Using the WWF footprint calculator is a great place to start and there are plenty of resources on Count Us In to explore some of the ways we can all make a difference.  

I believe one of the most simple and effective ways to make a difference is to start speaking up. It’s really important we all understand that the threat of climate change is real and imminent. Let’s all carry on talking about it with our family and friends and share ideas on what we’re doing because, together we can make a difference.  

If you’re a colleague with access to Yammer, please join our new Co-op Climate Change community here to share your ideas.   

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  1. Fab article Amy, and so great that you share your passion and inspired others to take actions to in the team. Thanks so much.

  2. Love it. There is loads we can all do, every little does help.

  3. Great article Amy and you really have helped all of us in the team think differently around these matters – Thank you!

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