By Kieran McGrotty, Team Manager Apprentice, Newhouse Chilled Distribution Centre

Membership is at the heart of our business and is one of the things that sets us apart. Members get 2p for every £1 back when they buy Co-op branded products and services, and we give the same to the local community too.

Not only that, Co-op Members also get offers for money off the things they buy most in the Co-op App. These are tailored to the individual, meaning that no two people will receive the exact same ones. They also reset each week, so you’ll always have up to date options to choose from.

Initially I thought the offers changed randomly, but they’re based on your shopping habits and things you’ve bought before. I’ve received different offers I’ve been able to enjoy, ranging from things like 25p or 50p off certain products through to getting a couple of pounds off my next shop – which was great as it wasn’t limited to anything specific.  

Redeeming the offers is very easy to do. You can set reminders to receive a prompt each week reminding you to open the app and make your latest choices. Then all you need to do is review the options that are available and click on the two that you want to use that week. Once you’ve made your selections, they disappear off the home screen and are automatically loaded onto your membership card, either your digital one or your physical one – whichever you usually use.

I showed my mum the kind of offers I was receiving and more of the information on the app around choosing local causes to support. The more she learned about it, the more interested she became, and she’s since signed up as a member herself. Thanks to the app, her local community will benefit, and she’ll also save money thank to the offers.

I’ve found I really benefit from my offers when I combine them with the colleague member payday events. By selecting the best offers available, I’ve really been able to maximise my savings.

If you’re not already done it, make sure you join as a colleague member then get the Co-op App so you don’t miss out on your extra discounts. You can download it on the App Store or Google Play. Be sure to encourage your customers, clients, friends, and family members to join us too.

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  1. Great Write up Kieran!

  2. Membership also means that you are an owner of the Co-op, so you can vote for the Directors of the Co-op and lay members to hold the Directors to account.

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