By Cassie Brzoza, Data Risk Analyst and Office 365 Champion

As an Office 365 Champion, my role is to support colleagues in my team and across Co-op with any problem relating to Office 365. I attend training sessions and contribute to champion discussions about new features coming to Teams and Office 365.  

This December, my main suggestion to everyone who wants to start winding down for Christmas is to plan ahead. I love using Planner and To Do to organise my workload and to make sure my tasks are completed and signed off before Christmas.  

Another tip is to try and wrap up all your loose ends and meetings a couple days before you finish for Christmas. If someone schedules in a meeting on the last day, maybe message them and ask if it’s necessary or if it can it wait until after the break. This way, you’re able to finish work activities before you take time off.  

Have some fun with your team too – after all, it’s Christmas! Schedule in some time for a chat to talk about how everyone’s getting on and help colleagues who are struggling. Even if it’s just a 15-minute catch-up with a brew!  

Some of the tools I use to help me, include:  

  • Planner for my work tasks and the To Do app for personal tasks
  • Insights to book in Focus Time for the week as my role can be very meeting heavy
  • Insights for reflections to track how I’ve been feeling
  • Mindfulness videos from Headspace. These remind you to release your shoulders from your ears, unclench your jaw and remove the tongue from the roof of your mouth. These are all signs we’re holding onto stress
  • Regular Teams meetings to catch up with new colleagues and get to know them better, especially as we continue to work from home

For more useful tips about how you can use Office 365 to improve your processes this Christmas, visit the Office 365 site.   

Don’t forget to share your own tips too on the Yammer Stay Informed or Help & Guidance communities. 

* hyperlinks are only accessible to colleagues with access to O365 and with a Co-op business email address.