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We’re really excited to have launched a new and improved pet insurance product – and it comes with a Co-op difference. We’re committed to being an inclusive insurer, protecting pets who are older and might have struggled to get insurance in the past due to their age. We also give a discount for adopted pets*, and of course there’s a colleague member discount too.**

Our Co-op difference – why we offer a discount for adopted pets

We’ve done a survey to find out about more about people’s attitudes to adopting pets, and we got some interesting results. We found that:

  • Nine out of ten people surveyed said they would rehome from a shelter, but expensive vet costs are a major barrier
  • 39% of people who would consider adopting a pet, would be put off unless the animal had a full bill of health, and even more believe they would be expensive to insure and care for

Our new product has been launched with this in mind. We know that adopted pets and older pets can sometimes be harder to insure due to their age. Despite this, they give their owners so much joy and are just as important to protect, look after and care for.

From older ear flappers to little yappers​ – we believe all pets deserve great insurance cover

Plenty of our Co-op colleagues have older and rescued pets, and their feedback has really confirmed that our inclusive approach to pet insurance is the right one. Jayne Moore, Lead Strategic Internal Communications Business Partner, was kind enough to tell us about her furry friends, and why she thinks pet insurance is essential.

I’ve got two dogs, there’s Blake, a Labrador cross, and Phoebe a Labrador retriever.

Blake was a street dog in Cyprus and was rescued at eight months old when his mum was sadly killed on the road, leaving him and his siblings living alone in the grounds of a concrete factory. Their evenings were spent sleeping under trucks, and they were simply unable to fend for themselves.

He’s quite the character who from a tough start is now living his best life. He loves his creature comforts, the usual, beds, couch, fire etc. He gets super excited for food and treats. He loves to come on a good hike and is happy out in the hills. But his favourite thing is treasure, he loves washing, shoes, the fire glove, socks, pieces of my jigsaw puzzle, anything he can get his little jaws round.

Blake has a little space in the garden, behind the hedge where he hides his ‘treasure’ until he feels he needs it again – like the football kicked over from next door! He has a little temper too, and is often found having a little tantrum, barking and ‘dancing’ until he gets what he wants. And if he thinks I’m ignoring him when I’m working, he’ll parade ‘treasure’ around to get my attention, it’s not uncommon to get off a call to find the contents of the log basket all over the lounge!

His party trick is to let himself out of the cat flap in the garden and bark to be let back in. He keeps in touch with his siblings and has a playdate twice a week with sister Bella. She comes to our house while her ‘Mum’ is at work.

Phoebe is quite honestly the best dog in the world. She’s my rock, and in the two short years we’ve been together she’s saved me, many more times than I have saved her. She’s very sensitive, loving, and playful. She’s also the greediest dog I’ve ever known – like the time we ended up at the emergency vet because she stole and ate chocolate brownies, these things always happen on a Sunday!

She’s a retired sniffer dog trained to drugs and cash, and she can sometimes fall back into work mode. This can be embarrassing. She’s been known to jump in and search the Amazon van, and loves a good going over of anyone’s pockets! She’s had some health issues in the last year and I’m super grateful to Co-op Pet Insurance for seeing us through them and helping me to look after my little besties.

If you’re always looking for more cats and dogs in your life, you can see more Co-op Pet stories here, featuring an appearance from my own rescue cat – Ferris Mewler.

We’re proud of our new, more inclusive Pet Insurance, and hope you’ll take a look at it for your own furry family members – don’t forget your colleague member discount.

*2.5% rescue discount – offer could be withdrawn at any time. Proof of adoption from a registered animal charity or rescue centre may be required. Discount subject to minimum yearly premiums of £50.58 for dogs and £49.68 for cats. 2.5% rescue discount applies in the first year only.

**10% colleague member discount – offer could be withdrawn at any time. Discount subject to minimum yearly premiums of £50.58 for dogs and £49.68 for cats.

Cover excludes any treatment costs in excess of the benefit limit per annual period of insurance, any illness that occurs within the first 14 days and any accident or injury that occurs within the first 48 hours of the policy commencement date. Excludes pre-existing conditions (whether diagnosed or undiagnosed) that have received treatment or have shown signs or symptoms before your policy started. An additional 20% Co-payment excess applies to pets over six years.

Co-op Pet Insurance is administered by Insurance Factory Limited

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