By George Brough, Partnerships Manager 

We’re working with Glastonbury Recycling Crew to offer 300 Co-op colleagues the chance to join the recycling crew from Friday 24 to Sunday 26 June.  

Glastonbury Festival brings over 175,000 people to Worthy Farm in rural Somerset. The festival handles waste in a sustainable way, recycling and composting wherever possible. And they want you to be part of this. 

This is a rare opportunity, and we’re pleased to be able to offer this to our colleagues. We’re proud of our sustainability credentials and our passion for the environment which is why Co-op and Glastonbury are such a great match.  

Glastonbury Recycling Crew are looking for passionate, hard-working and dedicated Co-op individuals to volunteer to join their team. Before we get into the details, please bear the following in mind before you apply. 

  • You must be a Co-op colleague or a Co-op Franchise colleague to apply
  • This one-of-a-kind opportunity is separate from our working in our Co-op festival stores. This is a volunteering opportunity with Glastonbury themselves
  • This is not a paid role, and you’ll need to book annual leave if you’re scheduled to work
  • You’ll have to make a security payment of £280, which is refunded after the festival if you’ve completed your shifts. Refunds take three to five weeks post festival 
  • Even though you won’t be working for Co-op, you’ll still be representing the brand and supporting our sustainability values

What you’ll be doing 

You’ll work in a team of four to five people helping clean, tidy and litter pick the grounds. You’ll be emptying the bins, relining them and taking rubbish to a container. 

You’ll work three shifts, Friday – Sunday, working from 6pm – midnight.  

What’s provided? 

In exchange for your time and work, you get: 

  • A ticket to Glastonbury to enjoy the festival outside of your volunteering shifts. You have to pay £280 security deposit up front, but if you work hard and complete your shifts, you’ll get this refunded after the festival 
  • Access to a crew camping site, including hot showers! But you’ll need to bring your own camping equipment (tents only) 
  • Free tea and coffee 
  • Training and hygiene kits 

How do I get involved? 

Glastonbury Recycling Crew are looking for 300 volunteers, which is a lot of places to fill! If you’re passionate about the environment and think you can provide an exceptional service to the team, please register your interest by midnight on Friday 8 April. 

This volunteering opportunity is only open to Co-op colleagues and Co-op Franchise colleagues, and not the general public.

Please note, the above form is to register your interest only. 

Once you have registered your interest, we’ll pass the details over to the Glastonbury Recycling Crew. They’ll be in touch with you directly, and will ask you to formally sign up through their website. 

You’ll then be added into a pool and will be contacted via Glastonbury if your application has been successful. Please don’t chase the festival team as we’re not involved in the selection process. 

If you want to read a bit more about the recycling crew and about the work you’ll be doing, take a look at the Glastonbury Recycling Crew website:  

Volunteering for amazing causes and helping others is a core part of what we do. There are thousands of other opportunities to get involved with your local areas through our online community centre Co-operate.