By Trevor Rigley, Community Missions Manager

My history with festivals stretches all the way back to 2018 when I helped at Download.

There’s something magical about getting to work at a festival for Co-op, it’s a real privilege. I’m not saying it’s not hard work, because it is. But it’s also very special, and I’d love to share some little nuggets of what makes festivals great.


My mojo always starts to bounce about five miles out from the festival. You start seeing the signs along the road and as you get closer and closer the anticipation builds. Pretty soon wrist bands are on and it’s off to Co-op campsite to find a tent and join the gang. There are always nerves, but the crew are very much a family and you soon settle in. The adventure has begun.

Pizza night!

The first full day starts by crawling out of your tent, into a hot shower (we always have the best facilities at the festival) and coffee. The first day is all about training, getting used to the store and different shifts coming together. The festival feels weird at this point, it’s quiet and festival-goer-less (is this a word?) … This is very much the calm before the carnage.

The absolute highlight of day one is Pizza night. 70 colleagues gathered, sat in the sunshine and a delivery of Pizza (so big it fills and entire truck) laid on by the wonderful events team. Carb loading all the way.

What day is it?

Day three sees the store open and what starts as a slow trickle of people popping in for a peek, turns into a torrent. The DJ starts to play, the colleagues start to dance, the glitter goes into the beard and the shop takes on a party atmosphere. Customers bring the happy festival vibe, and this joy will continue from Thursday all the way through until Sunday.

After work, I find there’s nothing better than popping out into the festival with the team, exploring the huge food court or finding weird and wonderful random bands. One of my absolute favourite memories was watching with The Killers with a couple of festival legends drinking coffee and eating cake. How Rock n’ Roll is that?

All good things come to an end…

There’s always a sense of sadness as the end of the week approaches, what was a shiny, full shop starts to look empty and things are slowly packed away leaving just a large open shell. It’s time to say goodbye to new friends who you’d laughed, cried, and danced with all week as they depart back to their area of the business. Festival blues set in and the store radio just never seems loud enough. It’s time for sleep, lots of washing and counting down until the next magical adventure somewhere in a field.

Join the 2022 crew

Being part of the festival crew is a really magical experience. I’d highly encourage everyone to apply, no matter what area of the business you work in. Applications are now open for Festival Crew 2022, and there are nine festivals to choose from this year, including:

  • Download Festival – 6 – 13 June
  • Isle of Wight Festival – 14 – 20 June
  • Glastonbury Festival – 20 – 27 June
  • Latitude Festival – 19 – 25 July
  • Belladrum Festival – 26 – 31 July
  • Kendal Calling Festival – 26 July – 1 August
  • Reading Festival – 22 – 29 August
  • Leeds Festival – 22 – 29 August
  • Creamfields Festival – 23 – 29 August

Applications are open now, and will close on Wednesday 6 April, so you still have time left to apply. What are you waiting for? Apply now!

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  1. I had the pleasure of meeting Trev and the team at Creamfields last year, what an awesome guy and a top team! If you are wondering whether to apply or not – DO IT! Have a great time whilst doing good. an experience not to be missed…

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