We’ve launched our new direct cremation service – Cremation Without Ceremony in England, Scotland and Wales.

Read Kenny’s story about a simple conversation that sparked a unique idea to bring memories back to life – memory boxes.

Many of us are becoming aware of the impact our lifestyle choices have on the environment around us. From composting and recycling to using biodegradable cleaning products – they’ve become part of everyday life. These choices are also starting to influence how we organise a funeral.

A couple of weeks ago something really exciting happened. Our Funeralcare colleagues up in Edinburgh started using the digital service to book funerals for clients in real time. And it went down a treat – with both clients and colleagues.

What image does the word ‘funeral’ conjure up in your mind? For many, it still has Victorian connotations. But the world has changed…

Illustration features different people and a badge that says 'because you matter to us'

We’ve made some improvements to the benefits we offer from Funeralcare to all colleague members and their families.