We’ve had a fantastic start to the year already, being recognised for two awards by Moneynet in their 2019 personal finance awards.

Naomi Hayes, Programmes and Partnership Manager, shares how the £6.7m we raised in our partnership with British Red Cross is helping people reconnect with their community.

Tessa Wiley, Community Manager, shares how colleagues, members and customers have been sharing festive food and cheer with their communities.

Whether you like yours mild as milk, or hot enough to blow your head off, we want to know about them.

Rebecca Duffy from our Food campaigns team gives us an exclusive preview before it hits screens this weekend.

George shares what it was like performing an original song to over 1,200 colleagues and suppliers.

Community Manager Tessa Wiley fills us in on how we’re bringing people together with our delicious festive food as part of this year’s take on the Doorstep Challenge.