Business update: what you need to know about George the poet and more

george the poet

This month our most senior 100 leaders (Enterprise Leaders) gathered together to say a final farewell to Richard Pennycook – the man who saved our Co-op – and listen to our new CEO, Steve Murrells, among others, talk about his vision for the future.

So what did they talk about?

  • We’re in our final year of a three-year Rebuild programme.
  • We’re still transforming our family of businesses (including making them more digitally-enabled) with membership at the heart of everything we do.
  • 2017 will present its own set of challenges across membership, Digital, HR, Transformation and IT.
  • The Ways of Being Co-op – every leader should look at how they behave, lead by example and do their bit to make sure our Ways of Being become part of our business and how we do things.
  • Renew – what this means for our Co-op, where we’re heading.

Key dates – the next few months

  • 31 March – we’ll be recruiting our first Member Pioneers in 70 communities. Any Co-op member can apply and they’ll work closely with our food stores, funeral homes and local causes to deepen our relationships with the communities we serve. Visit from 31 March
  • 6 April – we’ll report on our full year results for 2016 and the early success of our new Co-op membership, announcing how much has been raised for local causes through the 1% reward.
  • 8 April – is the final day we can choose our local cause online from the current 4,000. Visit, log in and make your choice.
  • 9 April – the second round of 4,000 local causes goes live with new Point of Sale material going into stores on 9 May. We’ll be encouraging members to select which cause they want to support this time around.
  • 10 April – applications close for the first 70 Member Pioneer communities
  • 10 April to 21 April – we’ll be encouraging our 1AS colleagues to Lend a Hand in store.
  • 14 April to 7 May we’ll take our Join us campaign onto primetime TV by bringing together Shane Meadows’ brilliant work with our local causes and George the poets inspiring words about the power of co-operation. We’ll show the TV ad to colleagues a few days beforehand.
  • 19 April – Food stores and funeral homes will join together to celebrate in store the first payout to our 4,000 current local causes under the banner ‘Great things happen when we work together’ – the first line spoken by George the poet in our TV ad.
  • 20 April – voting starts for elections and motions at our AGM
  • 20 May – at our AGM we’ll make further commitments on ethical leadership and we’ll have more to say on how we’re working with the British Red Cross to Tackle Loneliness & Social Isolation.

It would be great if you could share these key moments with your teams.