We’ve formed a unique partnership to give young people a voice – and are calling on likeminded partners to help.

Today is International Women’s Day and Helen Grantham encourages all of us to challenge our own thinking to make a real difference.

Cathryn Higgs, Head of Food Policy, shares the Future of Food 2020 report and reflects on the incredible work we’ve achieved together this year.

Director of Community and Shared Value, Rebecca Birkbeck, thanks colleagues for their amazing fundraising efforts and fills us in on how the money’s being put to good use by our national charity partners.

After last week’s changes to Co-op Membership, our Director of Community and Shared Value, Rebecca Birkbeck, shares how we’re using the extra money from members to help create happy, healthy communities for everyone.

Katie Pauline, Charity Partnership Adviser, shares how you can help improve the mental wellbeing of our communities by supporting our charity partnership.

Steve Murrells tells us about how he’s supporting our new Co-op Members’ Coronavirus Fund.

Katie Lee shares an update on how the parkrun challenge is progressing.

Rebecca Birkbeck introduces the first of our fundraising weeks.

Lois McClure tells us about our partnership with parkrun and how you can be a part of it.