Chris Whitfield, Chief Operating Officer for Retail, fills us in on how we’ve been recognised for taking a global stance on ethical issues, our advances in technology and our Biggest Ever Survey into Death.

Andrew Needham, Retail Loss and Costs Manager, talks about our commitment to colleague and community safety which has seen security ramped up in our stores.

Sarah Wakefield, Sustainable Sourcing and Fairtrade Manager, tells us about the new partnership and our plans to plant 5,000 trees.

Simon Dryell, Category Trading Manager for Local Sourcing and World Foods, tells us about some of the great stories from last week’s Welsh Supplier Awards.

Jo Whitfield, CEO Co-op Retail, shares with us a letter she’s sent to the Home Secretary about violent crime.

Keith Anderton from our National Transport team tells us about the deal and his memories of sharing the nation’s favourite dish with friends and family.

Cathy Hardey, Customer Team Member from Waterloo, shares how her team are continuing to champion the customer feedback survey to make their store a great place to shop.