This morning we published our Annual Results for 2018.

In December we gave away three pairs of tickets for a Coronation Street set tour. Kinsey Glave, Team Manager at St Athan – Gileston Road, shares her experience.

Julie Kitchen, Team Leader from Hebden Bridge, shares how streamlined processes on the new task management system mean more time spent with customers.

Kevin Sargent, Product Developer, tells us about the journey he’s been on to create the most authentic Italian pizzas on the retail market.

Andrew Donkin, Technical Manager, shares what it was like being a member of 2018’s Festival Crew and encourages colleagues to be part of the excitement this year.

Our horticulture buyer, Issy Anstey, fills us in on this year’s Mother’s Day range and how our Fairtrade roses are making a massive difference to people’s lives in Kenya.

Chris Conway, Head of Food Digital, tells us about our new online delivery trial launching today.