Danny Matthews tells us more about sharing apprenticeship opportunities with a new audience at the Transformation Trust Rock Assembly.

Ben Brosnan, Co-Chair of Respect, tells us how Co-op’s supporting Pride this year and how to get involved.

Visit a farm on Sunday 10 June and discover the story behind our food and how farming affects our everyday lives.

Local cause newspaper headlines

Thanks to you we got loads of media coverage for our Celebration day in November.

Celebration day montage of photos

A message from Steve about Saturday’s successful celebration day.

£20m poster

A message from Steve about how much we’ve raised through our Local Community Fund, the 1% members give when they buy our own-brand products and services.

Lots of images of people from local causes

Over the weekend we welcomed our latest round of local causes. This time members have until 27 October 2018 to support the cause that means the most to them in their community. Go online and choose yours.