Karen Palmer tells us about how we’ve designed the best environment that supports wellbeing, embraces diversity and supports inclusion.

Lucy Chambers provides the latest on Co-op Live, as we mark one year since construction began.  

Dan Bailey explains how the Property team were able to donate a huge £18,000 worth of food to local food banks.

Amelia Cargo, Communications and Content Manager Co-op Property tells us about the new stores we’ve opened this year during unprecedented times.

Tim Ellis tells us about the new depot at Biggleswade that is now under construction.

Amelia Cargo, Communications and Content Manager Co-op Property tells us about the great year we’ve had opening new stores.

Kerry Collington, Portfolio, Strategy and Insight Manager explains the process behind opening each new food store.

David Roberts tells us how we now have access to the skills of local tradespeople.

Martin Rogers, Head of New Channels, on the launch of our franchise offer to the market and our fourth store opening!

young people sat in a youth workshop

Abbie Case explains how 10m kilos of recycled clothes will help our charity.