Andrew Needham, Retail Loss and Costs Manager, talks about our commitment to colleague and community safety which has seen security ramped up in our stores.

Jo Whitfield, CEO Co-op Retail, shares with us a letter she’s sent to the Home Secretary about violent crime.

Jennifer Munday and her fellow ex store managers tell us about the new task management system they’ve had a hand in developing over the past year, before it’s rolled out to all stores this summer.

The first issue of the magazine for 2019 is out now. Grab your copy, hot off the press.

Breige Donaghy has seen with her own eyes the difference you can make.

Image of women and children smiling and laughing

Russell Gill, Head of Co-operative and Local Engagement, tells us about a new role in our communities.

Martin Rogers, Head of New Channels, on the launch of our franchise offer to the market and our fourth store opening!