Melissa Hancock shares two great updates that are happening in Social Hub this month, including an incredible, chocolatey prize!

Jennifer Bowden explains how causes applying for our Local Community Fund will benefit from Co-operate, our online community centre.

Four former festival workers shed light on what it’s really like volunteering at festivals with Co-op.

We’re standing together with 32 retailers, calling for the Government to give retailer workers greater protection in law.

Co-op announces plan to be world’s first supermarket to produce carbon neutral own-brand food and drink within 5 years

Join us in the fields and apply now to be part of our 2021 festival crew!

We encourage you to get involved in our Safer Colleagues, Safer Communities campaign by sending a letter of support to your local MP.

Congratulations to our teams who’ve had some big wins at the Campaign Media Awards.

Liam Cooper, Member Pioneer for South Hampshire, explains how colleagues can play a big part in helping Co-operate grow and develop. Helping to connect and support thousands of people in communities across the UK.

This morning we published our Annual Results for 2020.