Paul Gerrard, Public Affairs and Campaigns Director, gives us an update on Safer Colleagues, Safer Communities and launches the new national #ShopKind campaign.

Join a team and race your colleagues in a competition that will take you around the globe with parkrun.

We’ve formed a unique partnership to give young people a voice – and are calling on likeminded partners to help.

Today is International Women’s Day and Helen Grantham encourages all of us to challenge our own thinking to make a real difference.

Daniella Messer tells us more about Co-op Power and how it’s supported our Academies.

Sarah Eglin and Emma Johnstone share an exciting update on our Night Club initiative.

As we celebrate £15 million for local causes, leaders Greg Hutchison, Ali Jones and Charlotte Lock thank colleagues for their support with Co-op Membership and unveil a brand-new TV ad.

Honest Value, our new value brand launches in store today.

John McNeill, Nisa COO, fills us in on the first ever Nisa virtual expo.

In the build up to Anti-Slavery Day, Rebecca Webb, Ethical Trade Officer, explains how you might identify situations and victims of modern slavery.