Green October – the savings so far

Tell your teams about the ‘no travel day’

We still need your support to give a big push for the final two weeks of October. We’re also planning a ‘no travel day’ on Wednesday 31 October. Travel isn’t banned but we want to see how much we could possibly save by being creative and challenging ourselves to find alternatives to travelling. We need to get into the habit of doing this so we continue to make savings long after Green October ends. Please start talking to your teams about alternative ways you can hold meetings.


Our hospitality team has seen a decrease in the number of bookings taken in August and September. But the cost per booking has increased. This could mean people are only booking if they have a significant event, which is great.

External venue hire

We’ve seen a big reduction (77%) in external venue booking costs compared to the average spend per month before the controls were brought in. In Manchester alone, the monthly average spend was £85k for January-July. In August-September the average monthly spend was only £17k.

It looks like we’ll now spend £1.35m less this year than we did in 2017, with £630k of that from a reduction in Manchester venues.


We told you last week that the first week of Green October saved £40k compared to last year. Now week 2 results are in and show a saving of £24k, from the same week last year. So far in the first two weeks alone we’ve saved £64k on hotel, rail and flights. This is a 22% reduction based on the same weeks last year.

Thanks for your support so far

Fuel for Growth team