How organising my warehouse changed my life

Hi everyone, my name’s Qamar Nawaz and I’m the store manager of our Dairyground Road store.

When I first started, the one thing that really used to get me down was my warehouse. The warehouse is quite big but bigger doesn’t always mean better! It’s also on the first floor so we have to cart stock up and down using a lift.

When I started, the warehouse was so chaotic

The warehouse was in a real mess, nothing was where it should be, we had too much stock and no matter how long the shift was, we always felt like we weren’t achieving anything. The store I’d run previously felt miles apart from this one.

And it wasn’t just affecting me and my team, it was also affecting availability. It made it hard for us to complete gap scans meaning replenishing stock was slower and our customers just couldn’t trust us.

It just didn’t feel like the store I wanted to run

My Area Manager and I spent some time observing the store and we decided the best thing for us to do was to pretty much start from scratch and reset our standards. I’d done loads of resets before, usually just after Christmas, but this time we really planned out what we wanted to achieve and how we were going to do it.

The team are now talking to me about the warehouse

So, we used some hours set aside for us and completely reset our standards. We reorganised, sorted out our stock holding and re-engaged all our colleagues on what a great warehouse should look like.

It’s changed my life! We’ve really come together as a team, we all feel like we really understand the warehouse and how following the warehouse standards on How do I help make our jobs much easier and improve the way our shop’s run. We’ve even moved from a negative to positive like for like on our sales which feels so rewarding after all that hard work.

I’m looking forward to making it even simpler

I know other stores have hours next week to reset their standards and I’d really encourage my fellow colleagues to take the time to do this properly. The one tip I’d give you all is to just picture what life would feel like with a warehouse that runs like clockwork… if you can picture it, you’ll hopefully feel excited and you’re already half way there.

My team are also going to be one of the first stores to trial out some new and simplified ways of working in the warehouse ahead of all stores in June. I know there are processes in the warehouse we do which could be simpler or some I’m sure we don’t really need to do. I’ll get back in touch with you all to let you know how that goes.

Speak soon,


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