Pupils from Priesthope Co-op Academy

How you can be a better leader by helping our Co-op Academies

Many of you will have heard Steve Murrells stand on stage at the AGM and proudly announce that we’re investing £4m into our Co-op Academies Trust.

It will take us from the 12 schools we support now to 40 schools across the North of England.

We’ve had incredible feedback from members on our decision to do this. It’s a brilliant example of how being a stronger, more profitable Co-op can help us invest in creating stronger communities.

As a Co-op we have a lot to learn from our academies – understanding how they work, and how we can use our unique relationship with them to support the development of our own colleagues.  

Be a governor

One of the ways our Co-op supports academies is by providing governors on each Local Governing Body. We’d love more colleagues to volunteer and do this.

Governors make up the largest volunteer workforce in the country, playing a crucial role in school improvement. Our governors do even more by making sure our co-operative values and principles are at the heart of decision-making in all of our academies.

Being a governor offers you:

    • The opportunity to develop your business knowledge and understanding outside your area of expertise and apply it in a different setting.
    • A chance to develop and hone your strategic skills.
    • The opportunity to work with colleagues from other parts of Co-op, from education and other sectors.


Our relationship with our Co-op Academies is special. We’re so fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from our colleagues in education. This helps us develop a culture of learning in Co-op and use this relationship to support our colleagues to grow, learn and develop new skills.  

Being a Governor is one way colleagues can get involved with our academies, but as we grow there’ll be more opportunities for us to benefit from this relationship in a truly Co-op way.

If you’re interested contact me at hazel.remeika@coop.co.uk

Hazel Remeika
Co-op Partnership Manager (Education)