Launching this week – new training to help keep our Co-op safe

Part of our Stronger Co-op Stronger Communities ambition is a Co-op that’s safe.

To get there, we all need to be aware of the risks our business faces. We could be fined millions of pounds if we don’t protect personal data properly. We’d risk our reputation if we work with a supplier with unethical practices, and in the case of health and safety incidents, the risk to people is even more serious.

From this week we’re launching two new training modules for colleagues:

  • A Risk module to get us all thinking about how we can identify and manage our risks better
  • A new Information Security Basics module that shows you how to handle Co-op information securely, and how to protect your personal information too

The training will be released in stages and you’ll get an email when the training is ready for you.

Please remind your teams that this training is mandatory, and that managing our risks is everyone’s responsibility. Training completion will be monitored and reported to the Exec.

For more information read our risk policies and for questions about the Information Security Basics training, email


Andrew Lang Chief Risk Officer and Jon Turner, Director of Information Security