LeadFest 2017 – how did it go?

We know that developing our colleagues is more important than anything else. You, our leaders, understand that improving your skills and embracing different opportunities to learn is one of the ways we can enjoy success as a business.

That’s why this summer we held our first LeadFest – a festival of learning for leaders at Grade C and below. It ran from 31 July to 8 September in One Angel Square, our support centre.

With 128 events covering 10 different topics, it offered a ‘pick and mix’ choice of leadership development workshops tackling some of the key gaps you’ve highlighted.

The short, sharp burst sessions made the learning accessible and offered our leaders a chance to fit the workshops into their busy working week.

The workshops were designed to cater for different leadership abilities from new leaders looking to develop new skills, to established leaders looking to brush up on their core skills.

They also gave our leaders the opportunity to build stronger relationships, and share experiences and best practice with others from across our different businesses.

You can find out more about the workshops that were on offer.

What did you think?

The feedback has been fantastic with lots of colleagues asking for more sessions in 2018.

Here’s what some of you said:

“Enlightening and fun”

“Really good session and brilliantly thought-provoking”

“Very engaging and interactive”

“Would recommend to any line manager”

“Great introduction. Look forward to LeadFest 2”

“Gained a lot of Knowledge and useful tips”

“Positive message. LeadFest is a great concept”

Post-it notes with feedback

What next?

We trialled the festival in the support centre to see if it would work, and to get it up and running quickly.

It went so well that we’ll soon be doing ‘LeadFest for Logistics’ visiting our colleagues in depots. We’re also talking right now about the possibility of holding other events for our colleagues in different parts of the UK in 2018.

Watch this space.

Kendra Walker

Learning Delivery Manager – Leadership and Projects

If you want to know how you can get involved, or would like some advice on development opportunities, please contact your local HR Business Partner.