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LeadFest 2017

What’s LeadFest?

It’s clear that leadership capability is high on your agenda, so we’ve designed LeadFest with this in mind. A festival of learning for leaders at Grade C and below, it will focus on core leadership skills, running from 31 July to 8 September in One Angel Square, the support centre.

With 128 events covering 10 different topics, it’s designed to start to tackle some of the key gaps you’ve highlighted.

The events would work well as an introduction for new leaders, a refresher for others, or the opportunity for leaders to get further insight and practice in some core leadership skills.

What does it cover?

Here are our ‘Headline’ acts:

  • Situational leadership (3 hours)
  • Leading and embedding Change (2.5 hours)
  • Developing my team (2 hours)
  • Coaching and honest conversations (2 hours)
  • Influence (1.5 hours)
  • Tone of voice (1.5 hours)
  • Feedback (1 hour)
  • Storytelling (1 hour)
  • Creative coaching (1 hour)
  • Presentation skills (1 hour)

Where is it taking place and what’s next?

We’re trialling the festival in the support centre to test the idea, and to get it up and running quickly. It’s open to all leaders across the business. But we are talking right now about the possibility of holding further events nationally in Autumn.

How do leaders get onto Leadfest?

We’d like to manage the nominations through your HR teams, as they’re close to our leaders’ development needs and can help us to target the investment in the right way.

Niall Whitehead
Learning & Development Specialist

Check out the poster for more information.