Making tasks easier with store headsets

My name’s Wendy McCuish, I work at our New Eltham store as a Team Leader.

We’ve been trialling headsets to find out how they help and if they make our day to day jobs easier.

At first everyone was saying ‘oh no, we’ve got to have something on our ear all day, it’s going to be a bit of a pain’. But as soon as we got them everybody loved them.

We all like to have a chat, so we do tend to have a giggle. One of our ladies comes in every morning and says ‘hello campers, how are you?’ through her headset, and everyone replies ‘hi-de-hi!’ It’s just easier to keep in contact with each other instead of shouting over the tannoy .

Time isn’t wasted running around

As a Team Leader, if a member of my team was on the till, they’d have to call me on the tannoy and I’d need to stop what I was doing to go over and find out what they needed.

But now with our headsets they can tell me exactly what the problem is and then we can work out whether I’m needed at the till or if it’s something they can sort out themselves. And if they need some guidance, I can help them out by speaking to them directly through the headset.

I think they make our jobs easier because we aren’t running around everywhere, I think a lot of people are more worried about having something on their head all day, but I find if you change it from ear to ear it doesn’t affect you. I think they’re definitely worth it, I couldn’t imagine life without them.

Wendy McCuish, New Eltham.

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  1. Can’t wait for these head sets to land at rubery we are a medium sized store with the warehouse up stairs I think these head sets would be a great help and save time within the store.


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