Niall talks Ashridge

I recently joined the Being a Co-op Leader editorial board [the folks that come up with ideas for this newsletter] and really wanted to understand how I could support in promoting personal development at the Co-op. We gained some great learnings and resource on the Being a Co-op Leader event last year but how do we keep that knowledge fresh and at the forefront of our minds?

We know learning doesn’t just happen as a one-off so keeping our core skills of storytelling, coaching and honest conversations is really important to help us succeed together as leaders in the Co-op.

But what resources are available?

The Being a Co-op Leader Zone is a great place to start.  All the BaCL materials are available and some great information and videos we can share as a team to continue that development. But there is one hidden little gem – Ashridge Business School.

Ashridge provides you with the latest materials in formats which suit a wide variety of learning preferences with the flexibility of 24-hour access. So whether you’re looking to quickly access information before a meeting or you have an hour free to dive a bit deeper into a topic you would like to understand better, the flexibility is there.

Where do you start?

Ashridge is split into four sections under ‘Personal Development’:

Inspire me: this is where you can take the wheel of fortune and get some inspirational learning resources. It might be something you haven’t thought about looking at before but will be a topic that can support you on the job at work.

Learner styles: this will support you in thinking about the best type of Ashridge resource to use. Regardless of your learning preference there is something for everybody and this is great especially if you want to watch a quick video on the go or do some in-depth reading in your development time.

Career planning: this is all about how do I get to the next stage in my career? Or how do I change my career path completely? Great resource for having those conversations with our colleagues and how to support them in their career paths. And what makes them better is they complement all the personal development and HIT [Niall what does this mean – need it in full] sessions on the intranet.

Mind the gap: this is all about finding out what your development needs are. You take a quick survey which is split into 10 questions all focusing on a specific topic. You don’t need to complete all the questions, just the ones relevant to you and your role. After answering the questions you’ll be provided a list of resources you can use to develop yourself.

Co-op VL GraphicWhat to do next

I think the most important bit is to then create a PDP (Personal Development Plan) to record everything you’re working towards and what you’ve completed. It’s all about solving those real problems we face every day as leaders and what we can do differently next time. There are some fantastic resources on the intranet about PDP (PDP Resources).

So why not take a look and explore the Being a Co-op Leader Zone? Those little nuggets of knowledge are waiting for you.

Niall Whitehead

HR Shared Services Trainer