Lucy Chambers provides the latest on Co-op Live, as we mark one year since construction began.  

This Friday and Saturday, colleague members can get 20% off non-Co-op branded products in our food stores. Ethan Laffy shares some of the savings you can make.

Kaden Stevenson shares their story and tells us why it’s so important that we think about our privilege and hold ourselves accountable.

Amy Berrisford talks about her pledge to tackle climate change and encourages colleagues to continue the conversation.

Charlotte and Rebecca explain what refreshing our Community Wellbeing Index has told us about our communities.

Ethan Laffy shares how you can support local causes and celebrate Payout with an exclusive money-off deal, just for members.

Elin Pheasant talks us through the work being done to reduce carbon emissions from Co-op operations.

If you struggle to talk about money, you’re absolutely not alone. Juliet Mulholland explains why many people just need a starting point to make it happen.

Naomi Hayes discusses our new mental wellbeing research.

Thanks to you, we’ve raised £6m. Let’s keep going to reach our £8m target!