Keith Anderton from our National Transport team tells us about the deal and his memories of sharing the nation’s favourite dish with friends and family.

Cathy Hardey, Customer Team Member from Waterloo, shares how her team are continuing to champion the customer feedback survey to make their store a great place to shop.

This Friday, 8 March, is International Women’s Day. Saleem Chowdhery, Director of Internal Audit and Lead Inclusion Pioneer tells us about the importance of gender equality.

Lloyd Thomas, Apprenticeships Partner, explains why apprenticeships
have a huge part to play helping grow the skills,
knowledge and behaviours of colleagues.

Bright Future celebrates two years of collaborating with 44 non-government organisations and businesses to transform the lives of survivors. Paul Gerrard, Co-op’s Campaigns and Public Affairs Director tells us more.

Jennifer Munday and her fellow ex store managers tell us about the new task management system they’ve had a hand in developing over the past year, before it’s rolled out to all stores this summer.

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