Protecting colleagues in our shops – we need your support

Last weekend Paul Gerrard and I talked to the Co-op Council about the issue and we also spoke to the board about our intent to front a national campaign on preventing violent crime against colleagues in Retail. Both groups echo our commitment to focusing on the topic. Here’s a video that we shared with the Council which brings the issue to life.

We’re currently working with USDAW and MPs to look at the underlying causes of violence against shopworkers and work out how we tackle it together.

Yesterday, Alex Norris, MP looked to the House of Commons to support tougher penalties for people who attack shopworkers when they challenge those making age-related purchases. Read more about this in Alex’s blog post.

Next week, David Hanson, MP will also propose an amendment to the Bill that will make it an offence to assault, threaten or abuse a shopworker who is preventing an illegal sale of acid or knives.

Please can you show your support for the USDAW Protection of Shopworkers campaign and encourage your teams to do the same by emailing your MP and you can also use the suggested tweet below to support on social.

I believe it should be an offence for someone to abuse or attack a shop worker who’s doing their job by preventing the illegal sale of knives or acid. I’ve shown my support by emailing my MP and asking them to vote in favour of an amendment to the Offensive Weapons Bill, please do the same

Chris Whitfield
Retail Chief Operating Officer