Tackling bullying, harassment and discrimination

When I took on this role I wanted Co-op to be a great place to work. With that in mind, I was extremely concerned to see our recent Talkback survey told us that 1 in 10 of our colleagues have experienced bullying, harassment or discrimination at work, with 8% preferring not to say. That’s over 4,000 people across our Co-op who’ve personally experienced this, which is absolutely unacceptable.

To create a great place to work, none of us can accept a culture of bullying, harassment or discrimination in our Co-op. While I’m 100% committed to doing something about this, I need you as senior leaders to understand your role in challenging and removing this behaviour too.

What are we doing to tackle this?

In the New Year, there’ll be mandatory training for all colleagues. We have a zero tolerance policy on individuals who demonstrate bullying and discriminatory behaviour.

We’ve also revised our bullying and harassment policy to make it more explicit about what we expect from our colleagues.

I need you to take action

Watch this short video and share it with your teams. Talk about the behaviours that you’re seeing (good or bad) and what we can do differently.  Think about what you can do differently to tackle bullying, harassment and discrimination. Have you encouraged your teams to talk openly about these issues? Have you introduced a new way of giving your colleagues a voice that’s working well?

Get familiar with the new policy and make sure that you’re aware of how your managers and colleagues can get help, or how to report an incident.  

If someone comes to you in confidence and they disclose unacceptable behaviours, then make sure you deal with it – don’t turn a blind eye.

As leaders we must do something about this. We all have a duty to provide a fair and respectful environment for our colleagues.

Thank you for your support in making our Co-op a great place to work.