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After 3010 nominations and 119 finalists, Helen Webb, Chief People Officer introduces us to our 13 winners of this year’s #BeingCoop awards.

Helen Webb, Chief People Officer introduces us to the finalists of this year’s #BeingCoop Awards.

Chris Whitfield, Chief Operating Officer for Retail, fills us in on how we’ve been recognised for taking a global stance on ethical issues, our advances in technology and our Biggest Ever Survey into Death.

We’ve had a fantastic start to the year already, being recognised for two awards by Moneynet in their 2019 personal finance awards.

George shares what it was like performing an original song to over 1,200 colleagues and suppliers.

Kate and Ben tell us about some more awards we’ve recently won.

Cameron Rigg is a product developer on Protein. After working hard to find and nominate our best work, he’s delighted to see us win 20 awards, celebrating our quality products and transformational leadership.