There’s less than a week left to have your say at this year’s Annual General Meeting and here are just a few things we’ve achieved since last year’s AGM.

Join us in the fields and apply now to be part of our 2021 festival crew!

From climate change to food poverty, discover the motions our members can vote on at this year’s Annual General Meeting. Don’t forget to watch online, too.

Paul Gerrard shares how, just like last year, we’re livestreaming this year’s meeting and asking members to tune in and vote online to continue to help shape our future.

Naomi Hayes tells us about our huge fundraising efforts and the mental wellbeing resources available to you.

Our CEO Steve Murrells delivers his end of year message.

Daniel Bailey shares how his team is helping to feed hundreds of families and people in need this festive season.

Bob Marchant, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Co-op Technology, tells us how we can plant trees by switching search engines.

Alison Scowen tells us more about Bright Future and the support for victims of modern slavery.

As part of our Pride series, Area Manager Terry Johnstone shares his journey with Co-op.