Two Co-op hashtags, two different meanings.

#BeingCoop has existed on social media for about a year now, #TheCoopWay for around six months. Each are fantastic hashtags to use when sharing stories about our Co-op on social media but they both have different meanings.


#BeingCoop is how our colleagues show our ethics and values when they go above and beyond. From helping out a colleague to attending a team building day, the #BeingCoop hashtag is perfect for updates about how we bring  the four ways of #BeingCoop to life:

  • Succeed together
  • Show you care
  • Do what matters most
  • Be yourself, always

Using #BeingCoop on social media is also a fantastic way to share your updates with other colleagues across the country and to join in conversations about the different ways of Being Co-op.

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#TheCoopWay is how we show that our Coop is a better way of doing business for you and your communities, how we do things no other business does. #TheCoopWay is when we pioneer and lead the way. Like when we switched all our cocoa to 100% Fairtrade, when we committed to using 100% British meat for all our fresh meat, when we campaign against modern slavery, when work with our local causes who benefit from our members’ 1% community reward.

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An easy way of deciding which hashtag to use is to think: is this something our Co-op is leading the way on? If it is use #TheCoopWay. If it’s not unique to Co-op but still worth sharing as your colleague has gone above and beyond, use #BeingCoop.

Top tips on using hashtags from the Social Media team:

  1. Use an existing hashtag and join that conversation instead of making up your own. This means more people will be able to find/see your tweet.
  2. Don’t add punctuation (-,&,£,@ etc) to hashtags. For example, #co-op won’t work because of the dash so Twitter would only recognise your hashtag as #co
  3. Share all the great things your team are doing using #beingcoop
  4. Generally speaking, best practise is to capitalise the first letter of each word in the hashtag e.g. #TheCoopWay – this improves readability.
  5. Double check your hashtag means what you think it means. You don’t want to get mixed up in a #SusanAlbumParty trap.
  6. Before you use a hashtag look at the existing conversation and make sure it’s a topic you’d like to be associated with.
  7. Making a new hashtag is much more difficult that jumping in and using one that exists already, that’s where the conversation is already and that’s where the best opportunity is for you to dominate it with your content and conversation.

Finally, If you’re wanting to create a social account or a hashtag for your team before you do, please contact us at

The Social Media team are holding their annual Social Media Forum on Thursday 17 August. To register your interest please email

Sophie Newton
Social Media Manager