Ways of Being Co-op toolkit


As you live our Ways of Being and help your teams to do the same, you might sometimes need some help and inspiration, especially if you’re leading a team.

ways-of-being-co-op ways-of-being-co-op-2

  • To keep conversations relevant and interesting about Ways of Being Co-op, we’ve created a ways-of-being-toolkit to provide a bit of extra support.
  • To provide more detail on what the Ways of Being Co-op mean, here’s a ways-of-being-co-op-framework.
  • We’ve also created a whats-happening-next-guide to show you the key milestones in 2017 when we’ll see activity which helps our Ways of Being take root at the heart of our Co-op.
  • And, we’ve produced a ways-of-being-co-op-poster which you can download here and print off to use within your team.

Some background

The International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) framework of six values and four ethical values are at the heart of how we do business as a Co-op – that was our starting point for developing our Ways of Being Co-op.

However, research has shown us that colleagues struggled to remember all 10 and relate them to their work on a day-to-day basis. So through insight and workshops, colleagues and members shaped our Ways of Being Co-op, capturing the essence of what the ICA values truly mean to them.

The Ways of Being Co-op are at the heart of our Co-op and guide the way we do things every day. But our businesses and our everyday work aren’t all the same, so these aren’t rigid rules. We have the freedom to apply the Ways of Being Co-op in a way that’s relevant to each of us, our work, our members and our customers.

Our Freedom Formula

We know this isn’t easy, especially as our Ways of Being Co-op are quite new. So we created our Freedom Formula to help everyone feel empowered to bring to life the Ways of Being Co-op.

“What happens when down to earth, decent, hard-working people, who are free to use their best judgement, work for an organisation which carefully balances profits with ethics for the benefit of its members?”

“The answer is that you get magic. Co-op magic. Be part of it.”

The Ways of Being Co-op help us define and build a successful future. Here’s how:

  • They make sure the service we all deliver, and the way we work together as colleagues, is co-operative, creative and consistent.
  • Members and our customers can instantly see that we’re one team, Being Co-op, with a shared purpose.
  • Help us influence how our suppliers and partners do business.
  • And they’re an important part of our bigger picture – helping us breathe life into our brand, talk about our offer for members, go about our work with colleagues, and improve engagement with our communities.

By living our Ways of Being Co-op, we’ll achieve our goals of being different, commercially successful, and a much-loved business.